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Steam Mop
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C. Parameter
Product nameSteam mop
Nominal voltage: AC110-120V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Water tank capacity: 380Ml
Steam flow: 25g/min±5g
D. How to install and use the product
1. Open the box, check the parts and accessories according to the Product Introductions.
set the connection rod into the handle assembly (this structure only allows a single-insert and can not take
off), As shown in Figure 1
2).Then , insert the other end of the rod into the upper of the host (this structure is detachable, press the
detachable buttons to remove the connection rod).
Last, put host bottom into the mop head connective part.(this structure is detachable, press the push button
to remove the connection mop head)
2.Operation of Product
1). put the pad back to your face, and press the mop head down for sticking.
2). Put the installed steam mop level onto the ground, lift the body and place it vertically.
3).Use the original water cup, open the radiator cap, slowly pour water into the tank to MAX , being careful not to
overfill the tank and finally press the cover tightly . When adding water, you should tilt the product at 45 degree.
4). Plug power and turn switch to position 1, then the power light on.
5). When energized, drag the handle and tilt the machine backward to mainta
in a slope between the machine and the
ground . Wait about 20 seconds warm-up time , extra high temperature steam will be produced.
6). The product has multi-protection.
A. Static protection function:a.when host levels with ground, water pump stop working after 5s and product stop
blowing off steam.b. When angle between host and mop head is less 90 degree for 5s, the water pump stop working and
product stop blowing off steam. These 2 functions protect product, lengthen life and keep safety.
B. Over pressure protective functionwhen host steam outlet jam and steam pressure is over 3bar, the product
will relief steam automatically to protect itself.
C. Overheating protection function:when water tank is empty or in static protection, temperature controller
3. note
1) Please keep an appropriate angle between handle and ground. If automatic protection occurs, lift
the handle to make the angle between hand and ground more than 45 degree, it will work again.
2) Please use pure water for lengthen the life, especially the hard water area.
4. warning
1) Please cut off power before add water
2) When add water, do not put in any chemicals.
EProduct storage and maintenance
aProduct storage
1).Press the button with the word push” to take the mop head off
2).Take off the cleaning pad and wipe up the mop head
3).Open the cap of water tank, pour out the remaining water and wipe up the host
4).winding to the power cord on the hook for hanging wire
5).Fold the mop
head and the host, and then placed the machine in ventilated and dry place
bMaintenance for cleaning pad
1).Cleaning pad should be separated from other fabrics during washing.
Wash in warm water with the liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergent, fabric softener or bleach in case the structure of
cleaning pad is damaged and the function of cleaning is reduced. After washing, let it dry naturally.
2).If the thread of the cleaning pas appears, do not pull it at random, just cut it off with scissors.
FGuides for Failure Recovery
Conditions Causes and Solutions
The machine cannot be started To check whether the plug is fully inserted into the power socket
To check the safety wire and automatic switch
The product makes sound in pump for a
long time when firstly used
There has some air in tube when first use
To check if there is clean water in the tank. If no, please add.
To check whether the power indicator is on
Moisture on the ground after use Whether the cleaning cloth is too wet
There are blocks in cleaning cloth. Please change cloth.
There are still stains on the floor after use The cleaning cloth is likely to be dirty. Cut off the power and change
the cleaning cloth
Need more times to clear the ground because ground is too dirty.
If the advice above cannot solve your problems, please contact professional staff. You are forbidden to disassemble the
product by yourself.
A. Steam mop safety guideline
1. Please follow the instructions when you use this product.
2. Please use the original accessories which provided by factory.
3. Please use pure water if you are in a bad water quality area.
4. Please use indoors as the product is indoor cleaning tool.
5. Please cut off the power supply after use or before maintain or add water, in order to avoid danger.
6. Please avoid kid touching it.
7. Please avoid mod head toward person\flora\fauna\electric appliance.
8. Please stop using when power cord\plug\product is out of work. And fix or replace parts in maintenance
network assigned by factory.
9. Please pull plug when cut off the power, Do not pull power cord.
10. Please note: (avoid fire or an electric shock)
1). Product prohibited immersion (water or other solution)
2). Do not touch product with wet hand or barefoot.
3). Do not share one power strip with other electric appliance for avoiding over current danger.
4). Do not dismantle product. Incorrect assembling and maintenance will damage the product,and lead to
11Before using this appliance for cleaning, please make sure the clean area has been tidy up
12Before using steam cleaning, please make sure the mop pad has been assembled.
13Do not adding any detergent, perfume or chemical solvent into water tank.
14Do not turn the machine upside down during the usage of steam cleaning and avoiding the hot steam
touching people, the plant or other electric equipment.
15Please keep steam hole of the mop head unobstructed. To avoid the danger caused by high inner pressure,
do not use it when the hole is blocking.
16During the usage of steam cleaning or just after the usage, please do not touch the steam output to avoid
17For changing a mop pad, please cut off the power supply, wait for the machine cooling completely before
changing it.
18For maintenance, please cut off the power supply, use wet cloth to scrub, scrub when alcohol is strictly
prohibited, banana oil, such as chemicals, product surface cleaning, avoid affecting product appearance.
19before storage, take off the wet cleaning cloth, and store the product in ventilated and dry place.
B. Part name
MA-A3 Steam mop safety instruction
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Handleiding Costway CL11725PUA Stoomreiniger

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