Handleiding Royal Sovereign RCD-4000D Valsgeld detector

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2 Volvo Drive Rockleigh, NJ 07647 USA
TEL : +1) 800-397-1025
FAX : +1) 201-750-1022
5610 Timberlea Blvd, Mississauga Ontario L4W 4M6
TEL : +1) 905-461-1095
TF # : +1) 866-961-6673
FAX : +1) 905-461-1096
IV. Specification
Model RCD-4000D
Operating temperature 50~104°F (10~40°C)
Relative humidity 40~80%
Power supply AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Net weight 0.8 lbs. (375g)
Overall dimensions 4.6" x 5.2" x 6.1" (118mm×132mm×155mm) (L x W x H)
I. Installation Instructions
Machine installation sequence as shown above fig.
Machine installed in sequence as shown in the
diagram on the wall.
II. Function Keys
1 Power Switch
2 Mode
3 Brightness Control/+Key
4 Contrast Control/-Key
10 20 50
100 1 100
CA Dollar IR Images
US Dollar IR Images GBP IR Images
Euro IR Images
5 2010
50 100
Currency Guide
III. Operation
Plug in power cable and turn power switch on. Wait 2 seconds for screen to clear. Place bill or document you would
like to verify on table under display. Refer to the currency guide for location of hidden infrared features on your
bill. Hold down power button for 2 second to turn unit off. (Fig.1)
1. Mode Selection
Press “MODE” key once, LCD will show solid character “M” as right fig. It will show the image under two different
wavelengths (850 and 940) on the screen. (Fig.2)
3. Contrast Control
Press Contrast Control key and rectangular bar will appear on the screen.
Press the + or - key to adjust the contrast level. (Fig.5)
Press “MODE” key twice, LCD will show hollow character “M”as right fig. Then there is only one infrared
2. Brightness Control
Press Brightness Control key and rectangular bar will appear on the screen.
Press the + or - key to adjust the brightness level. (Fig.4)
Owner's Manual
Royal Sovereign International, Inc.
Please read and retain these instructions.
To register your product,
please go to
Click the customer Support Tab, then Registration Tab.
V. Limited One Year Warranty
This warranty applies to repair or replacement of product found to be defective in material or workmanship for
three years from the date of the original purchase. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser.
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance or damage that
is attributable to acts of nature. Royal Sovereign International, Inc. (and its affiliated companies) is not liable for
incidental or consequential damages of any nature. This limitation would not apply if you live in those areas that
do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.
Defective products for warranty repair or replacement cannot be returned without a Return Authorization number.
Please go to www.royalsovereign.com USA-Customer Support Tab to make a request for an Office Product Return
Defective products must be returned to Royal Sovereign International Consumer Return Department, freight
prepaid, with proof of purchase and Return Shipping and Handling payment (check or money order). Upon repair
or replacement the product will be returned to the customer.
Return defective product to the following address with a detailed description of the problem. If possible, pack in
original carton. Please prepay shipping charges.
For out of warranty service or frequently asked questions please go to www.royalsovereign.com USA- Customer
Support Tab.
For sales of product, parts or accessories please visit us at www.royalfulfillmentcorp.com.
For service or sales please contact your local Royal Sovereign Office:
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Merk Royal Sovereign
Model RCD-4000D
Categorie Valsgeld detectoren
Bestandstype PDF
Bestandsgrootte 1.28 MB

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Handleiding Royal Sovereign RCD-4000D Valsgeld detector

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