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GREAT BRITAIN • customer service tel: 020 8247 9300 e-mail: [email protected] internet: www.clasohlson.co.uk
Ver. 20200914
Solar Panel
Art.no 36-8108 Model SY-M50W
36-8109 SY-M100W
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
and save it for future reference. We reserve theright for any errors in
text or images and any necessary changes made to technical data.
If you have any questions regarding technical problems please
contact Customer Services.
Product description
Thesolar panel has polycrystalline cells which generate electricity
when exposed to light.
As soon as thesolar panel is exposed to light or sunlight,
the terminals in theconnection box will be live. To avoid short
circuits when assembling and connecting solar panels, turn them
away from thelight or cover them so that they are not producing
electricity during theactual connection procedure. Remove
thecovering when all theconnections have been made.
Always mount thepanel on astraight, flat surface; do not bend
or twist thepanel.
Never attempt to divide or disassemble thepanel.
Avoid drilling or welding theframe whenever possible.
Do not use any sharp metal tools or any other things that can
scratch thesurface of thepanel.
Install thepanel horizontally or vertically with theconnection box
at thetop. Thesolar panel should be facing south and at anangle
of 30–40° (summer), 0–20° (winter). Bear in mind that if thesolar
panel is cast in shadow, its power output will drop considerably.
Choose alocation for thepanel with as little shade as possible.
Mount thepanel in such away that air can circulate freely around
it. Use stainless steel fasteners to attach thepanel. For easy
installations, use Clas Ohlson’s solar panel mount 36-4490.
50 W
Use suitable cable, preferably UV-resistant 1.5–4 mm², depending
on thelength of cable and size of panel. Open theconnection box
by unscrewing and removing thelid. Thread thecable through
thecable clamp. Carefully check thepolarity markings
on theterminal block and connect thepositive and negative
wires accordingly.
100 W
Use suitable cable, preferably UV-resistant 1.5–4 mm², depending
on thelength of cable and size of panel. Open theconnection box
by carefully releasing thetabs with ascrewdriver.
Thread thecable through thecable clamp. Carefully check thepolarity
marking on theterminals and connect thepositive and negative
wires. There are polarity markings next to thecable clamp screws.
1. Connection block 50 W
2. Negative terminal and
3. Positive terminal and
4. Connection block 100 W
5. Negative terminal and connection
6. Positive terminal and connection
Handy hint
Coat thewires and terminal posts with Vaseline to protect them
from corrosion. Make sure that thecable clamp is tightened.
Close thelid of theconnection box tightly to prevent moisture from
entering. If thesolar panel is to be mounted in acoastal area, it is
extra important to protect theinstallation from moisture to prevent
saltwater corrosion.
Thesolar panel should be connected to abattery system via
acharge regulator. See Clas Ohlson’s product range.
If more than one panel is used, they can be connected in either
series or parallel.
To connect 2 solar panels
in a12 V system: Connect
them in parallel by connecting
thepositive to thepositive and
thenegative to thenegative.
To connect 2 solar panels
in a24 V system: Connect
them in series by connecting
thepositive of one panel to
thenegative of thenext panel.
Responsible disposal
Connections for 12 V or 24 V systems
This symbol indicates that this product should not
be disposed of with general household waste. This
applies throughout theentire EU. In order to prevent
any harm to theenvironment or health hazards
caused by incorrect waste disposal, theproduct must
be handed in for recycling so that thematerial can be
disposed of in aresponsible manner. When recycling
your product, take it to your local collection facility
or contact theplace of purchase. They will ensure
that theproduct is disposed of in anenvironmentally
sound manner.
Model SY-M50W SY-M100W
Cell type Polycrystalline Polycrystalline
Max. power 50 W 100 W
Max. voltage 18.5 V 18.5 V
Max. current 2.72 A 5.42 A
Idling voltage 23.2 V 23.2 V
Short-circuit current 2.87 A 5.74 A
Max. system voltage 600 V 600 V
Size (L × W × H) 510 × 610 × 30 mm 940 × 670 × 30 mm
Note: Thesolar panels have individual rating plates and their
specifications might differ slightly from theabove example.
4.Connection block 100 W
5.Negative terminal and connection
6.Positive terminal and connection
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Merk Clas Ohlson
Model SY-M100W
Categorie Zonnepanelen
Bestandstype PDF
Bestandsgrootte 1.53 MB

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