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at’s Included
at You’ll Need
These instructions will familiarize you with our STANDARD BREWING
PROCEDURES of the Mr. Beer
Home Brewing System. Each recipe will
produce about 1 case or 2 gallons of our standard beer (approx. 4% abv) in as
little as 5-6 weeks.
Once you are familiar with the basic principles of this brewing system, you will be
able to make a wide range of other beers using this kit.
Warranty Information
Mr. Beer
guarantees all products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship
at the time of purchase. If you find the product to be defective, please contact us and
we will work with you to resolve the issue.
Find our complete Warranty and Return Policy on www.mrbeer.com.
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Phone 1-800-852-4263
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• (1) 2 Gallon Keg Fermenter & Lid
• (11) 740-mL PET Bottles, Caps and (12) Labels
• (1) Spigot, Washer and Nut
• (1) Can of Brewing Extract
• (1) Packet of Yeast (Under lid of Brewing Extract)
• (1) Packet of No-Rinse Cleanser
• (1) Bag of Carbonation Drops (In selected kits only)
• (1) Detailed Printed Instructions
• (3) Gallons Water
• (1) 1-Gallon Container (Jug)
• (1) 3-Quart Pot (or Larger)
• (1) Metal or Hard Plastic Spoon/Whisk
• (1) Can Opener
• (1) Measuring Cup
• (1) Large Mixing Bowl
Step 5: Conditioning
Step 6: Care & Cleaning
Store the bottles upright and out of direct sunlight in a location with a consistent
temperature between 68°-76°F or 20°-24°C. If the bottles are exposed to a
colder temperature, they will take much longer to carbonate. If warmer than
76°F, off flavors can be accelerated in the bottles. Allow to sit for a minimum
of 14-21 days to allow full carbonation. One sure way to know your beer is
carbonated is to squeeze the bottles; if they are hard as a rock then your beer is
fully carbonated. Some bottles may finish more quickly than others, but given
more time, all will fully carbonate. The ideal conditioning time is 3 weeks.
To ensure your next batch of beer is as good as the first, you need to clean your
equipment immediately after use with soap and water. While rinsing is good,
only soap and water will result in clean equipment for your next brew. The best
cleaner to use on your brewing equipment is Oxygen Brewery Wash, available
at www.mrbeer.com. Oxygen Brewery Wash effectively breaks down residue
without leaving any flavor or foam-damaging residues after rinsing. If you
do not have Oxygen Brewery Wash, liquid soap works fine, as long as it is
unscented and is thoroughly rinsed off with warm water 105-115°F or 41-46°C.
Scented soap or improper rinsing can leave a film on your equipment that ruins
beer foam and leaves off flavors in your next beer.
1. Immediately after use, remove and disassemble
the spigot assembly from the keg, then
thoroughly wash all parts in warm water
using a clean, soft cloth and clear
unscented liquid soap.
2. Do not use scouring pads, wire
brushes, sponges or abrasives during
cleaning as they can harbor bacteria
and create small scratches that may
infect your beer.
3. Always clean all equipment immediately
after use.
Craft Homebrew t
Download de handleiding in het Nederlands en/of Engels (PDF, 1.69 MB)
(Denk aan het milieu en print deze handleiding alleen als dat echt noodzakelijk is)



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Handleiding MrBeer Homebrew Bierbrouwmachine

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